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Providing land owners and developers engineering services for land development; we excel with residential, multi-family, commercial, industrial, and site development projects.  Our knowledge and commitment allow for top quality, cost effective, efficient, project management services.



Engineering services:



Preliminary engineering designs and conceptual plans

Work with planners to create Area Structure Plans and Neighbourhood Structure Plans.

Neighbourhood Design Reports for residential, multi-family, commercial and industrial development for both urban and rural developments.
Site grading, drainage, and stormwater management design for residential subdivision commercial and industrial sites.
Watermain, sanitary, and storm pipe design.
Roads (including local residential, collector, and arterial).
Coordinate designs with shallow utilities, including natural gas, electrical, and communication.
Attain approvals from municipal authorities for engineering drawing, industrial and commercial permits.





Project Management services:



Tendering and contractor selection for construction projects.
Construction services, cost estimates and cost summary for single/multi-family developments.
Preparing contracts and specifications.
Administrating contracts.
Construction overview, site meetings, inspections, and quality control.
Coordinate services of a material testing, electrical and gas contractors.
Coordinate inspections and approvals for all Construction Completion Certificates and Final Acceptance  Certificates.
Attain approvals for as-built / record drawings.
  Others Services:
Traffic Impact Assessments.
Low pressure sewage system design.
Lift Station Design.
Sewage treatment system.
Country residential from planning to final construction completion.




For further information, please contact  Ali Shmoury at 780-278-4834